Monday, December 19, 2011

My school's cooler than yours.

Well, not really.
But kinda.

I mean, has the Biebs ever tweeted about your alma mater?!
'Cause he tweeted about mine! :)

Good 'ole TU has this saaaaweeeet Christmas tradition called Silent Night.
{maybe you've seen it on ESPN? Or CBS Sports4? Or Yahoo? Or read about it in Sports Illustrated?}
It's pretty awesome.
And this year, the girls from my dorm
{fyi: dorms are the Christian school versions of sororities!}
did a sweet awesome flash mob to one of JB's songs.
And it went viral.
And he tweeted about it being
"So cool!"

I couldn't be more proud to be an Olson girl & a TU alum!

Like I said,
my school's cooler than yours.



laureneshepherd said...

woo hoo! i'm proud!

Sam W. said...

you are practically famous :)

Alana Christine said...

That is so awesome!

Emily grapes said...

haha, that was awesome. Ok yes..your school is WAAAAY cooler than mine.
Emily at Amazing Grapes