Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thirty & Nerdy.

December & January are busy months in my fam,
we have 6 birthdays and Christmas.
This year was extra special because it was my BIL Adam's big 3-0.
And his wife, my sister the wedding planner, pulled out all the stops.
She hosted a 
30 & Nerdy Party.
It was complete with nerdy outfits, nerd glasses for all the guests, nerdy outfits, beaker glass vases & centerpieces, and a robot cake!!!
Birthday boy! {He's an electrical he lurrrved the theme!}

 My sister surprised Adam with a trip to NYC {their fav city and former address!}. They left just hours after the party...after Adam quickly got people to cover his calculus tutoring appointments. {See how appropriate the theme really was?!}

 It was such a fun party, and my sister is a great hostess.
The highlights:

-Surprising Adam with his NYC trip. His reaction was priceless.

-All the costumes. Especially my dad's. He is such a dork.

{I can only imagine how much convincing my mom had to do to get him to wear those suspenders!} 

- the wine. There was a delicious Riesling called Murphy's Law there. I clearly loved I may had three glasses!

-J's & my costumes. Not the most flattering. But definitely nerdy. {the picture doesn't do his highwater cords justice}

-cake. I love cake. I blame it on the suppressed fat kid in me.


kylee said...

what an awesome party! seriously. and a surprise trip to nyc? i hope my 30th birthday is half as great someday.

Christina said...

haha I just pinned this because I LOVE it!! SO cute...your sister did a great job!!

Emily grapes said...

What a cute cute idea!! You all looked so nerdy! haha

I love this idea. So glad you all had a great time and what a surprise to got to NY for a present!
Emily at Amazing Grapes