Saturday, April 14, 2018

Mother's day: gift guide.

Need some Mother's day gift ideas? It feels as if every year, I find myself sort of wracking my brain for great gifts to give the moms in my life (my own mom, mother in law, sisters, friends who are moms, friends who are waiting to be moms....SO MANY MOMS). I'm on the ball this year (maybe for the first time?) and gifts are already on their way or ready to be wrapped up!

  I thought I'd share some of my favorite ideas- most are budget friendly, perfect for any mom (young, old, friend/family, or even someone waiting to become a mom!), and they're all a little unique. Let me know your favorite gifts for moms!

Belonging necklace. Simple, sweet, and handmade by women in Asia who have been rescued from human trafficking. I love the idea of gifting it to a mom in your life and letting her know she belongs. Also, its just a really pretty 10k gold necklace that makes a great wardrobe staple! (Wanted something else handmade by artisans around the globe? I also love this makeup bag, this fun bracelet, and these earrings (I'm really into gold right now evidently??)

Art print. The options for a fun and meaningful piece of art are sort of endless. A quick google or etsy search will give you hundreds of option. I am in love with this simple print. You could also do a fun photo project like this one or even create your own custom piece of art! (tip: save some $$ by skipping the cost of a custom frame and just picking up your own at Target!)

Giant fern. Ok I know that sounds weird. But giant, potted ferns are perfect for summer! Or splurge and buy your mama a gorgeous container full of different blooms. (Ferns are just SUPER hardy and nearly impossible to kill!)

The best book. Give this book to a mom you know, please. It's really, really great (and not specifically geared to moms). If you know a mom in the thick of raising littles, a mom waiting to carry or adopt a child of her own, a mom dealing with an empty nest- give them this sweet and wise book (add this free printable inside!).

A gift card. Stop hating on gift cards! Treat a mom you love to one so she can treat herself! Maybe buy all your mom bffs a Starbucks card or gift your mama a pedicure or a fun combo of gift cards for a date night out!

Babysit their kids. Don't just offer, but say "on Saturday May 35th I'm free all day and you're getting out of the house! I'll bring pizza and hang out with the kids!" What a sweet gift for any mom who isn't an empty-nester.

Experience/quality time. My sisters and mom have unintentionally started this tradition of doing something together each year. Its even better than big gifts! We've to brunch at a local landmark, met up for pizza and a movie, treated each other to lunch at a fun local restaurant, and this year we're going to this fun floral arranging workshop! Find a local cooking class, wine tasting, flower arranging, or even make signs together at Board & Brush. So much fun to do something together!

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