Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Little world changers. v.|2

  Would you look at that cutie with the collections from our winter Play date with a Purpose?! He's the best. (see a similar photo from our summer play date here!)

  We've decided to make these play dates a semi-annual thing and they are the best. I invite all the moms/kids I know to come over and play (and snack! while collecting donations for a local non-profit (a domestic violence shelter in the summer, SafeFamilies in the winter). It hopefully gives the parents a chance to start teaching their kids about loving others and supporting our local community and reminds us all that we can be all be world changers.

  It was a smaller turnout this time, and I was tempted to feel insecure about that. Then I remembered that no matter the size, any donation would be helpful to the families served by SafeFamilies! The kids played their hearts out, ate a million snacks, and it always good for me to spend time with moms in the same stage of parenthood as myself. By the end of the morning, our dining room table had a big pile of things to be packed up and brought to the SafeFamilies office!

If you ever need an instant pick-me-up, visit a local non-profit and have some gifts in hand when you do. I say that because on Monday the boys and I dropped off donations from our second Play Date With a Purpose to our local Safe Families. It was the absolute highlight of our Christmas season this year! They were surprised at the amount we brought and SO excited to have special gifts for their moms (I put an ask out to any/everyone who might want to 'adopt a mom' and donate a Noonday bracelet to the moms served by the organization). Through some generous donations, they've been able to set up a Christmas room for parents to 'shop' gifts for their kids, but there isn't anything special for the parents themselves. Most of the moms receive cleaning supplies, gas cards, etc- but the coordinator was saying it would just be fun to bless them with the bracelets as a real gift in addition!

So here's my semi-annual plug to do something. Don't wait until you have more time or bigger network or a great idea or for someone to invite you. I guarantee that you can make a real difference in your community today. With exactly what you already have! Whether its inviting some friends and their kids over for a playdate with a purpose, baking a lasagna on Christmas for your local fire station, sending a starbucks e-gift card to your favorite local non-profit (a mid-week coffee treat on you!), call a local adoption agency and ask if there is a family in need of funds (then host a Noonday trunk show with your friends and Noonday will donate from your show!), WHATEVER. It takes so little to make a difference for our neighbors. And if we're being honest, we benefit too. If feels great to be a part of something bigger than ourselves!

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