Friday, December 22, 2017

Weekly Top 5 |v.5

  Merry (almost) Christmas! We aren't traveling or hosting anything this year, and it honestly feels really great. Justin has had the week off and we've just spent low-key time as a family. We're all a little under the weather and we haven't had any actual plans at all. It's been so nice to just wake up together, pick out some fun things to do, and even just hang out around the house. The chance to run errands without toddlers has also been pretty great!

  I've loved the slow start to Christmas so much, that I'm taking advantage of being on vacation from work, too. I'm deleting Instagram and my email from my phone until New Year's. There's not much better than being present, having few distractions, and ending the year on a restful now.

  Here's to hoping your holiday is great! Here's some weekend reading for you:

This show on netflix. Justin and I always have a hard time finding shows we both like, but this one is SO FUNNY. It has super dry humor, and we love it.

1SE. I've been using this app to make family videos for almost an entire year, and I'm still as obsessed with it as I was last January! If you need a fun (easy!) photo/film project to document your family/year, its a great idea to start on January 1st.

Goal setting. I always love reading Lara's goal setting tips and encouragement. Whether you're setting big, little, or no goals at all for 2018- her blog is worth a read!

5 minute fudge. We made tins of treats for our neighbors, and I may have kept a big thing of fudge to keep for myself!

I'm almost to my yearly impact goal with Noonday Collection! Want to help push me over the edge and make my biggest impact on our artisans who work in vulnerable communities around the world? I just need 10 people to buy a pair of earrings or even just a gift card before the end of the year. And if you shop through this link, you might win $45 of free Noonday for yourself!

Happy weekending (and merry Christmas!)

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