Thursday, June 29, 2017

Little world changers.

   We had our Play Day For a Purpose today! 10 moms and 15 kids came over to hang out in our backyard this morning- and they came with armloads of donations for our local domestic violence shelter. It was so cool to see the pile of donations growing as people arrived!

  Honestly? I didn't expect more than my sister and one or two friends to show up. Isn't it funny how we doubt even the things we are certain God has put on our hearts? What if no one came or Caleb didn't care or I didn't end up with anything to drop off at the shelter (they were expecting me to have at least a boxful!)? All silly, but honest things. One of my favorites, Jessica, always talks about doing things scared. Not waiting until we have all of our ducks in a row or 100% confidence things will go the very way we hope. Instead, walking forward even when you're a bit scared and nervous and just doing it.

  So we did it- a bit unsure of how it would turn out. People came! They overwhelmed us with donations! The kids had fun and I had just enough food for everyone (Chick fil a party tray for the win!).

  Its funny how ridiculously simple the whole thing was. Pray for an opportunity to serve the local community, invite people over, set out some toys/food/chair, and collect donations. And you know? If only two people had come, we still would have made a difference! I am understanding more and more about starting where I am and using what I already have. My house and backyard aren't anything crazy, but they are enough to host a few people. I don't have a big budget, but I can swing some brownies, fruit, and a chicken nugget party tray. I don't have a million friends and wouldn't say I'm super well connected or influential in my community. None of that matters. In hindsight, its neat to look back and see how God perfectly connected my desire to include my kids in serving others with the tools he's already given me.

  And look at this donation pile!!! Caleb is beyond himself with excitement about dropping it all off at the shelter tomorrow (and hoping he gets to meet their resident service dog!). I'm not even sure if he'll remember today or tomorrow when we drop it off. I hope he does! Either way, I want it to just be the beginning. I have plans to do this somewhat regularly- maybe a few times each year? What if gathering together with friends and family to celebrate and help people in our community just became an ordinary part of our kids' lives?

  So here's my friendly encouragement for you today- have something on your heart you want to do? Do it! Pray, use what you have, and don't wait until you're not nervous about it anymore. Start where you are and even the smallest things can have an impact!

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