Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holiday gift guide: for little ones.

Ok, to be honest this year's gift guides have been SO much harder to make. I find myself writing down gifts ideas I've already used the past two years- because we really love them so much! So, if you haven't seen them, be sure to read the Little Ones gift guides from 2015 and 2016. (The Ikea play kitchen, LL Bean totes, and play makeup are probably my top 3!)

  Even still, I was able to come up with some great gift ideas that we really do love. Everything on this list is something we either have already or is on our boys' Christmas lists! There's a bit of a trend towards more learning toys/less clutter, which is maybe indicative of our stage of life? Don't get me wrong, we absolutely love Paw Patrol and plan to round out Caleb's collection of each pup and their vehicle this year!

  I'm positive I'm missing lots of great gift ideas for little ones, so leave me a comment and let me know what gifts you're loving this year!

Tegu tiles. Hands down, these are some of the coolest toys! Everything Tegu makes is ethical and innovative- which makes them worth the higher price tag. They are definitely on my boys' Christmas lists because I can only imagine how much fun they would have build and creating with these blocks (especially Tyler!).

Kinetic sand. One of my favorite things to gift it to others!! It's not messy and great for molding/building castles and other designs. Also doesn't take up tons of space! (you can find it basically anywhere toys are sold and I love this kit from Lakeshore) Making your own Kinetic sand box is even cheaper than buying a kit (the sand lasts longer and its easier to store!). Here is what we used to make our kinetic sandbox:  sandmoldsstorage container. All of that adds up to about $23, or $32 if you buy two bags of sand!

Seedling creative kits. I am obsessed with everything by this fun company! They have something for pretty much any toddler/elementary aged kid and every gift is super unique. I love that they tap into adventure and imagination and all are really hands on!

Secret message T-shirt. I love how super simple this shirt and the hidden message inside. My 3 year-old would LOVE it and I can just picture him at school showing his teachers the hidden message!

Twilight constellation turtle. I'm not sure any pictures will do this little turtle justice! The turtle has constellation cut-outs on its shell and when you turn it on- stars and the moon project onto the wall or ceiling in one of three colors. It is SO cool. One of Caleb's friends has had one forever and every time we visit Caleb plays with it non-stop. We finally added it to his wishlist and Justin's parents gifted it to him over the summer. Both boys still love it! It's fun to take in the basement with the lights off and have the boys chase the moon or put into their play tent.

Dress up sets. Melissa and Doug has some of our favorite sets (the fire fighter, chef, and construction worker get endless love in our house), but I also love to gift this cape/mask set from a local Indy area boutique (it's only $12!)! Truly, dress up sets are in our all-time most loved toys. Both boys wear and love them and I don't see them growing out of them anytime soon!

Imagination magnets. Maybe I'm just really into learning toys lately? These are on Caleb's Christmas list!

Amazon kids tablet. So, this is super pricey and probably every family but ours' already has one or something similar. But we only just bought one for our long road trip over Thanksgiving and I can't say enough great things about it! Our kids don't play on our iPad often (I usually forget we have it), but Caleb loves having his 'very own' tablet to play games and watch shows on for long road trips. I especially love all the parental controls and time limits you can set on the Amazon tablet!

bean bag chair. How fun are these? Since taking the rocking chair out of Caleb's room (and soon Tyler's!), there's been an awkward space I haven't known how to fill. My friend Sara gave me this idea and these are now on my boys' Christmas lists!

Experiences. We are big fans of zoo and museum memberships, but there are also a lot of other great experiences you can gift to the kiddos in your life. We're considering taking Caleb to Paw Patrol Live and any live show (Disney on Ice, Wild Kratts, etc) would be so fun for almost any aged kid! Gift cards for bowling, the ice rink, trampoline park, or even an amusement park would make really fun gifts as well. (If you live in Indy, the Children's Museum prices are going up in 2018! You can get the lower price before the end of the year- and if you tell them I referred you, I get a discount too!)

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