Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide. {little ones}

Ok, I'm definitely no expert on gifting for littles. But after 2 1/2 years of receiving gifts for my little ones, I have a good handle on the gifts we've loved and used the most! I've rounded up some of our favorites, ranging from super pricey to perfect for budget buying and handmade shops to big retailers. Whether you need ideas for your own little one or just a simple gift for a friend- I've covering it all.

{be sure to click through to each shop to see their great Cyber Monday deals! I'm not getting paid to advertise any of these things at all- I just genuinely love them!} And be sure to read last year's gift guide if you need more ideas!

1. Cubbie Lee Toys// My favorite shop on the list this year! Some of our college friends started their own toy company and it is WONDERFUL! (Really, I am saying that unbiasedly- I've already ordered gifts for my nieces and nephews without any incentive at all!) They have all the classic toys at incredibly affordable prices. The tea set, train collection, and animal truck are my favs! For the next week, you can save 15% on your entire Amazon order with coupon code CUB15OFF

2.  SoapSox// I love these cute bath toys! They were on Shark Tank a few years ago and I bought some for my niece and nephew, so I can attest to how fun they are. These oversized bath sponges come in different animal or disney characters and add lots of fun to any kiddos bathtime!

3. Free Day Popcorn// This makes the PERFECT stocking stuffer! You can buy one ear of popping corn for less than $3 and it would be a ton of fun for a family movie night. You simply put the entire ear of corn in your microwave and watch it pop! They also sell regular popping corn kernels and I hear everything from their farm is delicious.

4. Hooray Mail// If a grandparent or long-distance family member needs a great gift idea, this one is awesome. You can choose a 3, 6, or 12 month mail subscription and Hooray Mail will send personalized and age-specific activities in the mail to your kiddo with the sender's information on the return address! I bought this for my nephew this summer and it was a fun way to give a gift that lasts more than one day, doesn't take up a lot of space in the house, and gives them something to look forward to each month.

5. Graphic tees// These adorable shirts from Milk & Honey are adorable! My kiddos receive compliments every time they wear them and they are super soft. I also love all of the fun sayings on these tees (Caleb and I talk about this one every time he wears it).

6. Just Like Mommy Cosmetics// I don't have a daughter or wear makeup, but I can't even handle how cute this shop is. My sister bought a cosmetic set for my niece a few years ago and it looks SO real! It looks like the shop will be reopening in the next week and it seems like the owner is a bit hard to get ahold of, but I promise it's worth the wait if you order anything for your little girl. So many cute makeup pieces that actually do look just like mommy's!

7. Reusable stickers// Another great stocking stuffer! We saw this at a friend's house last week and I immediately added it to Caleb's Christmas list. For only $5, it is perfect for a toddler who doesn't quite understand real stickers. These are reusable and last for a long time!

8. Star From Afar// It's on my list again because I love it! It makes the perfect kid for littles on your list that are too little to truly care about what gifts they receive this year (think babies!). And you can get free shipping if you order today by noon!

9. Ikea play kitchen// Another repeat on my list because it is hands down the most used toy we own. My mom gifted it to use last year and I have been so surprised how much use it gets. Caleb still loves it and even Tyler plays with it each day. It's just the right size (not too bulky or heavy), durable (love that its wooden!), and has the perfect amount of compartments to open and close and store things. If there is one big gift you put on your kiddos list this year, this should be it!

10. Museum or Zoo passes// As much as we love and use all of our favorite toys at home, we also love getting out of the house and experiencing things. So many zoos and local children's museums sell yearly memberships AND daily passes that make awesome gifts! We love both our zoo and museum. Each has so much to do that our kiddos really never get tired of visiting them.

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