Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide. {little ones}

  Ok, I'm definitely no expert on gifting for littles. But after 1 1/2 years of receiving gifts for my little one, I have a good handle on the gifts we've loved and used the most! I've rounded up some of our favorites, ranging from super pricey to perfect for budget buying and handmade shops to big retailers. Whether you need ideas for your own little one or just a simple gift for a friend- I've covering it all.

{be sure to click through to each shop to see their great Cyber Monday deals! I'm not getting paid to advertise any of these things at all- I just genuinely love them! :D}

Star From Afar// You guys. I am SO in love with this new Christmas tradition. Think Elf on the Shelf- but with a much better message! The kit comes with a full nativity set and the best book that describes the meaning of Christmas in really, really simple language. The story talks about how the three wise men followed the star and eventually found Jesus in the manger, which gives parents a starting point for taking the star from the nativity and moving it around the home each day leading up until Christmas. Each day, your kiddos look for the star and when they find it, they move the three wise men to it. On Christmas morning, you move the star to the top of the stable and lead the wise men to baby Jesus in the manger! I love this! It keeps the whimsy and fun of other traditions and mixes them with the opportunity to help kids appreciate and understand the Advent season from a really young age. 
  As Caleb gets older, I think I'll put pieces of candy with the Star each morning and we'll read the short and simple daily Bible verses given in the book around the table at supper each night. Until then, we'll keep it a bit more simple and toddler-ish. I'll share more tomorrow! Bonus! Natalie, the amazingly sweet creator of Star From Afar, is giving away one kit to a reader! Be sure to check Instagram this week to see how you can win one!

MamaSaid Tees// So I'm just in love with these shirts. If you have a kiddo on your Christmas list, these are perfect! They're fun and have a great message. {I bought this one for Caleb and will snatch a onesie up once they're restocked!} They even have really really cute adult tops {I put this on my own Christmas list!} and I extra love them because one of the owners is from Indy! 

Baby Jack & Co// Ok, these make awesome gifts for babies and moms-to-be. Who doesn't love a cute lovey? But the best part is their mission to give back to kiddos who need a little extra love- by donating to hospitals, military bases, fire stations, and more. My sister gifted us one for the new baby and I genuinely love the look and quality. But I extra love the company and the work their doing the chance I have to #spreadthelovey {the cute name of their campaign} by gifting these cute blankets!

Bannor Toys// I'll be honest, we don't own a single thing from Bannor Toys. But it's been on Caleb's Christmas list for the last two years! I love that everything is handmade, non toxic, and just really unique. Caleb would love this Rough Terrain Jeep Set

Knob Puzzles// Most of Caleb's favorite toys are from Melissa & Doug- especially his knob puzzles. He received a few as gifts last Christmas {when he was 6 months old} and still loves them. They are a go-to gift for holidays and first birthday for us! He also really, really loves this car transporter he got on his birthday! 

Milestone Journal// So this might be more for moms than kids, but I still love it. I'm seriously thinking of buying one for myself and baby number two- it is so simple and uncluttered. It would go perfect with a basic Project Life baby album!

Anywhere chair// Before Caleb was even born, I knew we'd buy him one of these. They're a bit pricey, but my niece and nephew love theirs. So when my in-laws asked for gift ideas last year, I suggested this {knowing we'd buy one if they didn't!} and they generously gifted it to Caleb. And no surprise, he is obsessed. He climbs all over it, uses it to make forts, and sweetly snuggles in it when he's sleepy. We love it!

Play kitchen// Truth? This is what I want to give Caleb this Christmas. But Justin thinks its a bit silly and girly {um, no}, so our only chance of getting one is as a gift {hint hint grandmas!}. But he loves play kitchen and plays forever with them when he can. This Ikea one is my favorite because it's affordable, simple, wooden, and has plenty of different parts to play with! Plus, if you're the creative type, there are about a million tutorials for how to hack it and make it extra adorable. 

Hooded towel// Another gift we've loved and used the heck out of! Caleb was gifted a Nursery wrap last Christmas and we've used it for baths, swim class, water park visits, everything. He's outgrown that size now the he's 1 1/2, but was gifted a kid's size beach wrap for his birthday that will last him for years. We love the beach wraps a bit more than the actual bath wraps, but use them for baths! They're a bit thicker and sturdier. It's become one of our go-to 1st birthday gifts to give! 

Highlights magazine// Yes, the same magazine you remember from when you were a kid. Except its more awesome now! They're super affordable and have different options for kids as young as infants. I'm crossing my fingers Caleb's receives a subscription this year!

LL Bean Tote// Ok ok, another gift more for parents than kids. But its awesome! We bought Caleb a Large monogrammed tote last Christmas {and are making it a 1st Christmas tradition for each kid} and love it. He has his own bag for traveling and it's super roomy. We use it for overnight trips to grandma's, week long vacations at the lake, and day trips to the water park. It's crazy durable {isn't everything LL Bean makes??} and when the bags are zipped, they stack perfectly. Love these things! 

EzPz placemats// We're getting closer an closer to taking the tray off Caleb's high chair and just pulling him up to the table, but he still has a tendency to pick up/throw/bang around his plates and bowls. These tricky little placemats are the best of both worlds! Since they're made of silicone, they sort of suction to the table and make it nearly impossible for a kiddo to pick it up. But the bowl and plate shapes help them get used to eating like a big kid! Win-win. 

Books// So I didn't include these in the fancy schmancy collages, but we LOVE books. Before Caleb was born, I remember Justin telling me I was cut off from picking up any more books at yard sales or putting any on our Christmas lists. That's changed! We go to the library every week, but still loving having our own books on hand. And we read them over and over and over every single day. Caleb asks for them by name and truly knows the words to most of them by now! Here are 5 of our favorites: 1// 2// 3// 4// 5//. 

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