Monday, May 15, 2017


  Our church is working through a sermon series about keeping our mind/body/spirit healthy and they kicked off with a message all about physical fitness. They even created groups to join for people working towards a common goal- including a World Vision running team. It was sort of the catalyst I needed to get back into running and have an official goal to work towards. Last Fall I signed up for a 5k and ran it (way faster than I expected!) and it felt amazing! With winter and two kids who happen to hate the gym childcare, I haven't don't a ton of running since then and that bums me out. 

  So, I'm doing it. I'm running a half marathon this Fall and training starts now. I'm nervous, a little skeptical about how I'll fit in runs when I'm on kid duty 99% of the time, and a bit worried I won't be able to finish it and it'll all just be a bit embarrassing. BUT as one of my most favorite ladies says, I'm doing it scared. If I wait until it seems like an achievable goal, then it will never happen. 

  I'm writing this down and sharing with you so that it's out there. Maybe a few people are working on fitness goals of their or or will just simply ask me about this. I won't be a broken record (I know everyone isn't super invested in my daily 3 miles runs) but I will pop in every so often to share little updates on how training is going, how I'm feeling, and how God is working in my through this. 

  I have four big things I want to focus on while I train:

Jesus// I want to use my morning runs for prayer and worship. I did this all through high school and college and its 100% what I miss most about running as part of my daily life.

Discipline// My health is really important, but it often takes a backseat. That is absolutely because of my lack of discipline and overeagerness to say yes to other things/people. My kids and husband won't suffer if I'm taking care of myself (though I often think that because of the time it takes away from them). I want to be strong and disciplined enough to stick with something and see it to completion!

Healthy family// I truly do want my kids see that health is important in our family. I want it to simply be an everyday part of our lives and maybe even something that comes naturally to them because of how I help model it. Ideally, I would be able to have uninterrupted workouts on my own time and by myself (SO MUCH EASIER) but that isn't practical and it doesn't help my kiddos see me making health a priority. So, I'll likely be doing all my runs with the boys! 

Active marriage// It's funny how God hears and answers our prayers in ways we don't expect. Maybe funny is the wrong word for it? I have been praying for Justin and I to have more shared hobbies since we were dating. We've certainly found some over our nearly 8 years being married, but I'm really excited that we're both running the half marathon this fall. I'm sure training will be hectic, but I'm excited to go on long runs with him. Doing things together is one of my favorite things, so I'm really excited to make this a fun part of our marriage!

  I'm happy to say I logged my first run of the season today! (not including my workouts at the gym) I took the boys out in the jogging stroller for a couple of miles and its wasn't awful. It was actually really fun! Now only 6 more months to go...

But seriously. Give me all your half marathon/running/running with kids tips! 

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Ashley said...

Good luck friend! This is awesome....all of it! :)