Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Noonday At The Well.

 (Hi hi! This post is mostly for my Indy people- but there's a treat for everyone at the very end.)

 If you don't have plans tomorrow (Thursday) evening, you're invited to join me at The Well Coffeehouse in Fishers between 6-8pm for a low key Noonday Collection ( LuLaRoe!) open house! I'm super excited about it for lots of reasons (I know nothing about LuLaRoe and want to see what all the hype is about!), but I narrowed it down to 5 of the best reasons I think you should stop in and see me tomorrow evening in Fishers!

1. a mid-week night out. Pretty much everyone is dragging by Thursday evening, amen? What is better than a quick pop in to a cute coffee shop and no fuss shopping? Come on your own, have your kiddos tag along, or bring  girlfriend (or 3) and make it a date!

2. get your closet ready for summer. Hi! Did you know summer officially starts in 6 weeks? This pop-up will have accessories and clothes you can actually try on (and take home!). Start your summer wardrobe now- or just get ahead on some shopping for birthday gifts!

3. a casual way to check out Noonday (and LuLaRoe!). This might be my favorite reason to swing by the coffeehouse tomorrow! I know that hosting a show in your own home or stopping by one a friend is hosting can seem awkward and sales-y. But stopping at a fun coffeehouse is the exact opposite- its casual and simple and low-key. If you've been wanting to learn more about Noonday Collection, this is the best way!

4. support change around the world in TWO ways. Noonday Collection and The Well Coffeehouse are both rooted in fair trade and creating a lasting impact around the globe. I honestly cannot think of a better place to have a midweek trunk show- by grabbing a coffee and shopping you'll be doing double the good!

5. and, if you've stuck with me this long- here's a reason for everyone to love: a giveaway! The first three people the swing by the coffeehouse this Thursday and mention this blog (or instagram) post will get a gift from me (gift tbd- so weigh in if you have a preference of a gift card, VMP journal, etc Likely something not Noonday related at all!). That's not all! Don't live in Indy or just can't make it? The first three online orders through this link will also get a gift from me (see note about tbd above!)! (hint hint: Noonday e-cards make a great end of the year gift for teachers!) I already gave you 4 reasons why you should shop or stop by the show- and now you have extra incentive :)

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