Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day 2017.

  I know Mother's Day is one of those holidays that everyone experiences differently. The emotional aspect combined with expectations means it just looks different for everyone! I remember feelings of longing after our miscarriage and after trying for over a year to get pregnant, and then just excitement as I was 8 months pregnant, and sweetness as I held my babies on the holiday years later. This year was just as sweet! 

  I have no real expectations for Mother's Day, except maybe eating some good food and having to change a few less poopy diapers? I'm easy to please, really. 😋 We had plans to spend most of Sunday with my mom and sisters, so Justin took me out for an early supper with the boys Saturday. We hadn't been to Chuy's in forever (the jalepeno ranch dip is AMAZING) and its one of our favorite kid friendly places. After that, Caleb helped me open my new running-themed gifts (new shoes!!!). Nothing crazy, but exactly what I love- intentional time with my boys. 

  Sunday morning we headed to the other side of town after church and Caleb was SO excited to celebrate grandma and see Mia at Pizza Choo Choo (Pizza King that has a train to deliver your drinks). Nevermind that there were 14 of us there, he was primarily fixated on Mia 😂 It really is neat to live close to family, especially as we keep growing. We managed the chaos of 6 kids under 5 and had fun eating pizza and celebrating my mom (and each other) before sending our husbands home with the kiddos. My mom, sisters, and I treated ourselves to some shopping and a movie and it was amazing. I don't remember the last time I was at a theater and the one we went to had cozy leather recliners to sit in. My mom even fell asleep during the show (she'll swear to you that she didn't though). It was the best! 

  And, because Justin is amazing, I came home to a perfectly quiet and clean house after the movie. He took the boys with him to grocery shop and brought me back some gelato to share. Guys, it was the best. The entire weekend! Time with my kiddos, time with Justin, time with my mom and sisters. Not fussy or fancy but just right. I spend pretty much all of my waking hours with my kids, so it honestly is extra special to have a day where its acknowledged. I won't ever feel guilty for loving Mother's Day! Also, matching outfits for the boys for every Mother's Day- its a new tradition I'm establishing. 

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