Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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listening: How I Built This podcast (a little nerdy, but fascinating)
making: our first HelloFresh meals! The box was just delivered today.
watching: old Office reruns since we can't ever agree on a new show
reading: I just finished our May book club book and was sad when it ended! I'm starting this one next.
wishing: our summer trip to the Shore wasn't two months away
eating: Halo Top mint chip ice cream, more often than is socially acceptable
wearing: (well, in this case, not wearing) I lost my most favorite earrings- but they just came back in stock so it looks I'll be buying another pair (seriously.)!
wanting: to really, really find a way to get running back into my daily routine
working on: a (hopefully!) fun toddler playdate/service project for this summer
loving: this year's trek through the Bible. It's my first time doing it chronologically and its the honest to goodness highlight of my day
excited about: summer with two toddlers. That's a bid broad, I know.

  I love these posts and excited to back into a groove of them now that blogging is on my priority list again!

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