Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter. (2017)

  Ten years ago, I would have guaranteed you that I would be living in another state (likely along the coast) or another country altogether by 2017. Oh how my ten-year-ago self would be surprised by my life now. Though I do still really have dreams of moving closer to the water one day! Instead, I'm still here in my home state and really only 45 minutes from my hometown. Even more, I'm only a little over a mile from one of my sisters and just across town for the other. Not at all what I would have predicted, but a really sweet surprise in life.

  Living close to my family has its perks and it seems as if those are only highlighted now that we all have kids of our own (six, going on seven, cousins!). Those cousins love love love each other and it is fun to see them developing little friendships and memories. We try to spend lots of time together in normal life, but holidays are always an extra fun excuse to get together. Easter was no exception this year! (We missed my oldest sister and her kiddos, but we were able to see her for lunch this week so Caleb was excited to have her all to himself!!)

  Highlights from Easter this year (so I can add to the boys' Project Life books!): Tyler being old enough to join the egg hunt, Caleb's solid love for his Uncle Adam, my mom's yummy spread, Caleb's new microphone, continuing the 'cousins on the couch' photo, every kid playing with the big cat toy instead of the bagillion toys in the playroom, Leo's sweet attachment to the first thing he found in his Easter basket, Mia's domination of the egg hunt, and just seeing everyone together 😊

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