Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday. (a weekly round up)

photo c/o April
  Hooray! It's Friday!

  First, I feel like it's my serious early Christmas-shopping duty to let you know that today is the LAST day to buy this beauty before it goes on backorder until early next year. YOU GUYS. Need the perfect gift for your sister in law? For your daughter? For your bff? For yourself? It's definitely one of those bags that never goes out of style and really truly lasts forever. So seriously, buy one (or two!) today before they're gone for months! And in case you want to see more real life photos of this gem, go here. Even more, want to score a free one for yourself? Host a Noonday Trunk Show! Every show earns free product and the holiday season is the best time to have a trunk show. Email me and we'll get a November show on the calendar!

  It seems like Fall officially hit Indiana this week and I love it. Its been chilly the past few days and and we have a pumpkin patch date this weekend (could we be more cliche?). I picked up this book for Caleb, so I'm extra excited to carve pumpkins and talk about Halloween with him! I'm also running my 5k in the morning and feeling a little nervous and a lot excited. I set this goal back in August and it's crazy that I've stuck with it!

  What are you up to? Have any big plans? Whatever you're up to, happy weekending!

// It's pretty cheesy and little trashy, but I love this mindless show. The newest season is on Netflix!

// Need the perfect babysitter or teacher or coworker gift? These ornaments are cute and handmade and won't be available after next week! The $12 price tag makes them perfect for buying a few. And you'll have names crossed off your Christmas list before November even starts!

// Yes, yes, yes. Exactly what she said.

// I've been working on rebuilding my wardrobe (two kids and nursing for the last three years...) and have trying to be more conscious of where my clothes come from and who makes them. After a little research, I'm not sure I can shop at Old Navy, Gap. or Banana Republic anymore. "In 2014, 2.8% of Gap Inc.’s factories did not comply with all laws or international standards for child or under age labor. 25.9% did not provide 1 day off in 7. And 10.6% did not prohibit verbal or psychological abuse or coercion." Need I say more? 

// Need something to make you smile? Try this.

// This song. So catchy and good!

// I'm in love with this Pumpkin Marshmallow scent! 

// I can't stop thinking/planning/dreaming of ways to make this house more 'us' and Sarah is basically my DIY spirit animal. 

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