Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkin patch. {2016}

  We're really lucky to live close to some great family friendly places. One of our good friends happens to own a farm that is great for picking strawberries in the summer, pumpkins and mums in the Fall, and Christmas trees during winter. Bonus? It's crazy affordable compared to other similar places around Indy (and has free hayrides on the weekends)!

   This was our first time taking Caleb to pick pumpkins and he LOVED it. That may be a bit of an understatement. He basically chanted "punkin! punkin! punkin!' all day and was very determined to find his own baby ones to bring home. After the hayride (which he was so excited for and couldn't hardly contain himself during), he happily stomped with us through the fields and picked three little baby gourds. He probably would have picked more, but that was all his little arms could handle. He kept stopping to put them down and count them over and over.

(He was trying trying to wait so patiently to ride the tractor aka hayride.)

Can you even tell how much he loved the hayride??

  And since the weather is still pretty warm here, it was just a gorgeous day. Tyler had fun in the carrier, Justin and I had a blast watching Caleb discover everything on the farm, and it was great to get out and do some Fall family things. Now to carve our pumpkin one night this week! I bought this book for Caleb and am hoping it helps make pumpkin carving and all of Halloween even more fun for him.

  We convinced Justin to take us to the farm store and buy us some fudge and a cider slushy afterwards and it was totally worth it. (I'm a sucker for fresh fudge) I think we spent $20 total on all of our goodies (four pumpkins, lots of fudge, delicious cider slushie + tip for the hayride)- so if you're in the Indy area and want a budget friendly place to pick pumpkins, gourds, or the prettiest mums, try Spencer's!

ps. the boys are wearing our favorite shirts from this great shop!

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