Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Sample Sale.

Hello friends!
It's here! My (first ever) Summer Sample Sale! Today, at 7pm, I’m posting items from my current Noonday Collection samples in order to make room for some eagerly anticipated Fall pieces…which will launch in August!! (Stay tuned for all the fun details of the Fall Launch!) And because I need to make space for pretty new pieces, you benefit with some crazy good deals on some gorgeous pieces.
Here’s the essential information for you~
.The sample sale starts today (6/27) at 7pm and ends Wednesday (6/29) at 9pm. This post will be updated at 7pm today with the sale items and all items will ship Thursday! 
.These are all basically new & relatively unworn items (shown at trunk shows but all in “new” condition unless otherwise noted)
.50% or more off regular retail price
.I kindly ask that you understand each piece is FINAL sale
.When you see a piece (or 3!) that you want, send me an email including the NUMBER and the NAME of the piece you’d like to purchase. Helps eliminate any confusion 🙂 Also include your PayPal contact information to receive your invoice. 
.Each sale will have a $6 shipping/handling/packing price added to the paypal invoice that I will send you
.Make sure your paypal information is correct before submitting request for pieces (email address as well as mailing address)
.I will keep this page updated and note each item SOLD as they go. First come, first served! 
.In order to keep everything smooth and seamless I kindly ask that you pay within 24 hours of receiving your paypal invoice. Any invoices unpaid after 24 hours will be offered to the next in line (so let me know if you're interested in any item- even if it says SOLD you may still have a chance at it!)
.Some of these items still available via Noonday website so I have hyperlinked them for you. You can find more details about each item through the link (country of origin, length, materials, etc)
I’m currently booking for the big Fall Launch (and working towards my BIG 30th birthday goal) so please reach out if you’re here in Indiana & would love to host! katie.n.rush{AT}gmail{DOT}com .  Trunk shows are super fun and so easy to throw. Set out something sweet, something salty (if even) and maybe a bottle of wine. Round up loads of friends, I show up & do the rest. Or, keep it super simple and just meet your friends for happy hour at your favorite local eatery! You earn free product and together we can build a flourishing world where people have jobs, children are cherished & women are empowered!!
1. CityScape necklace $27 (Originally $52) Pictured with Solitaire Studs SOLD

2. Sunny Day necklacey $19 (Originally $38) SOLD

3. Monaco bracelet $16! $18 (Originally $38)

4. Ibis necklace $18! $20 (Originally $48)

5. Tropic necklace $30 $35 (Originally $46) SOLD

6. Half moon necklace $20 $25 (Originally $34) Pictured with Ibis necklace

7. Linked Horn $38 $45 (Originally $120- sold out/vintage Noonday! Look here for way better photos. 

8. Jalia Ombre $20 (Originally $52- sold out/vintage Noonday!) SOLD

9. Bazaar bangles $24 $30 (Originally $48)

10. Ecuador bracelet $12 $14 (Originally $28)

11. Solitaire Studs $16 $20 (Originally $28)

12. Desert Flower Infinity $29 (Originally $48) SOLD

13. Dulce Infinity $20 $25 (Originally $68)

14. Angelica Scarf $13 $15 (Originally $58- has a small burn mark from candle at a trunk show, but is easily hidden for wear!)

15. Westward bag $65 (Originally $132) SOLD

16. Geo Print wallet $20 (Originally $58- sold out/vintage Noonday!) SOLD


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