Thursday, June 16, 2016

Caleb. {two}

TWO! You're two today, and somehow that just seems so big to me. (I know I'll laugh at that statement when I look back on this in 20 years...) 

There are so many things about this exact age that we want to bottle up and remember forever (you'll notice tantrums are not included in this list!)::

At two years old, you are FULL of personality. As a baby, smiles and giggles and cries and fusses were all rare. You were so serious and didn't express many emotions. But at two, oh boy, has that changed. You feel things so deeply and laugh so hard and smile so big (and get really, really mad). You easily tell us what you're thinking these days, even if it is just in one or two word phrases or grabbing our hand to lead us to whatever it is you want us to see or help you with.

You are currently in love with books and nature walks (aka how we pass time before dad gets home from work) and Curious George and trips to the park and 'fixing' things and coloring and berries of all kinds. Also, cookies. You'll do almost anything with the promise of a cookie. 

You are fiercely attached to your Monkey and are just starting to learn to leave him behind and be brave without him in your hand when we leave the house. You also use your oversized stuffed husky, Joe, as a pillow each night in your crib. And you prefer to take all of your animals and blankets out of the crib with you every time you wake up and march with them around the house.

At two years old, your best friend is Owen. You two are always so excited to see each other, but quickly fight over toys or forget about each other after a few minutes. You often wake up asking for him or excitedly shout his name when we drive past his neighborhood, church, the zoo, or Chick Fil A (all the places you play together). You also love seeing Mia, Scarlett, Sam, Brady and Bailey these days.

You like Tyler. Ha. 90% of the time you forget he's around (he's still so little and you're sort of a toddler tornado), but every once in a while you stop with serious concern about where he is or wanting to give him your monkey or his paci. Or just wanting him to give you whatever toy he has. You love to burst into his room when he's sleeping and shout HI in his face to wake him up or NIGHT NIGHT just to show me that he's sleeping (well, was sleeping).

These days you love to mimic whatever it is you see others doing and sweeping alongside me is one of your favorite things. You love to shave with dad, help me cook, give Tyler a bath, and pretend to fix things. You also love to play fetch with Murphy and Jersey, but I'm not sure that feeling is mutual.

The big thing you're learning right now is kindness. Hitting has become your go-to expression of frustration, so we do lots of hugging and timeouts and reminding to be kind. You'll figure it out! (hopefully!)

You aren't really close to potty training yet and its pretty hilarious that you insist on finding a table to hide under while you poop (every single morning, no matter where we are- you'll find a table). 

We go to the zoo every week and it seems as if you have a new favorite animal each time. If I had to pick though, I think the dolphins are your all time favorite (just like mom!). Sometimes you're more interested in the rocks and mulch than the actual animals, but you love exploring the entire place.

You are still working on your colors and numbers and letters. You think everything is either blue or red and any written words you see you just scream "a-b, a-b!". You can count to three, but you almost always refuse to do it. 

No one makes you laugh as much or as hard as your dad. You excitedly watch for him every evening and ask for him almost immediately each morning when you wake up. Weekends are your favorite because you have so much time with him and you crash hard each nap/night because you play non-stop. You love to put dad's shoes on, shave like he does, and shout DADDY every time you hear a lawnmower or see a white car coming down our street.

We spend all of our days together and I'm currently your most favorite person (I promise your dad would agree!). We have fun and play, but you don't laugh nearly as much with me as you do with your dad. Instead, I'm your safe person (and you regularly remind us of that since 'mama' is your go-to cry for everything). You always come to me for help or when you're sad or when you discover something new. You love to explore and adventure, but almost always check to make sure I'm nearby and call for me if not. I'm positive it will not always be that way and I won't always be your most favorite person (that's ok!), but today, on your second birthday, I'm thankful for these sweet days we have together!

Caleb, at two you are wonderful! I'm certain I will say that every year on your birthday and it will be just as true each year. Right now, I find myself praying for you to grow to be strong and kind and always rooted in Jesus. You are so fun and curious and passionate and we love you so much! Happy birthday, buddy!

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