Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer favorites. {3}

shoes// shorts// stamps// book// muffin// sandals {Target, last summer}// polish// mason jar lid {gift}

  I love these little lists of favorites. This summer I live in comfy clothes. I bought these maternity shorts two weeks before Caleb was born last summer with a gift card and it's nice to get more use out of them! If I'm not wearing those, you'll find me in some running shorts or my swim suit. Heyy summer! And if I'm not barefoot, I'm wearing my favorite $5 clearance sandals that seem to go with everything or my super comfy {and CUTE} Nikes. 
  In other news, the second trimester seems to have brought with it a deep, deep love for baked goods. I would love some Starbucks pumpkin loaf every day, thankyouverymuch. But I'll settle for some $2 box-mix muffins! And water. Girlfriend is back to drinking water like its my job and I don't hate it. My sister got me this snazzy mason jar lid/straw for Mother's Day and it goes perfectly with my favorite glasses {from our wedding registry!}. 
  I'm also getting back into reading {Summer Reading Program season!} and want to pick up any and all beach books. I got this in the airport last month and am just starting it. Look for a summer reading post soon! 
  I had been on the hunt for a really perfect pale pink polish a few months back and my favorite brand (the only one that works on my nails!) finally stocked it. You guys. I basically keep it on my nails 24/7 and am halfway through the bottle already, I love it that much. 
  My friend Lauren and I have gotten into the habit of mailing books to each other and another friend and I just started sending monthly letters. I love mail so much. I'm trying to send out a couple pieces every week or so and it's just too fun. Postcards are my current favorite, so if you see any cute ones- point me in that direction!

 A usual staple on my summer list are my garden zinnias, and even though I'm this close to having some blooms, we're not quite there yet. Soon! Also left off the list? The water park. I'm crushing hard on it this year. Especially because it's free with my gym membership and they have shaved ice there. Bonus? Caleb sleeps like a rock after a day in the water. 

Ps. See my summer favs from 2013 and 2014!

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