Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tyler. {three months}

{eventually I will post these on time! Second child prolems...}

  Something about the three month marks means the end of newborn-ness and the start of really babyhood. Less milk comas and sleeping ALL the time and more personality and routine. I'm not sure I can choose a favorite baby stage, but I for sure have things I like about each of them.
  At three months, I love Tyler's smile. He is so generous with his smiles and they take over his entire face. His eyes and cheeks and nose all seem to smile, too. Gah, I melt every time.
  What else about Tyler at three months? He's still pretty tiny. We haven't weighed him since his 2 month appointment, but he's still swimming in some 0-3/3 month clothes and can still wear some nb pants. Our little guy, for sure. Because of that, I'm not pushing his last night feeding yet. He still wakes up around 3/4am and eats quickly before going back to bed until 7ish. We've started to let him cry more and he's done a great job working it out on his own. If there is one thing we did well with Caleb, it was teaching him to put himself to sleep really early and I know it'll be worth the work with Tyler, too! Not having to depend on a bottle/rocking/pacifier for sleep brings so much sanity to our house and its exciting to be this close to that with Tyler.
  Tyler has started to be more alert and loves the ceiling fan, his activity mat, and watching his big brother play. I'm pretty terrible at remembering to do tummy time, but he's getting stronger and can push his chest off the floor a bit. He likes his Bumbo seat for a few minutes at a time and is in love with the mobile on the mamaRoo.

New this month:: holding onto toys better, noticing big brother, watching favorite toys on activity mat, getting sad when Mom leaves his sight, fully into 0-3 month clothes

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