Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Beach reads.

 We're gearing up for a week in Florida with Justin's brothers and cousins and I am so excited. I fully realize the trips with two kids mean its not really a vacation, but bring on all the poolside naps and extra hands (Justin's) to change diapers, and fun with family. We haven't seen our niece since September and it will be extra fun to spend time with her!
  Its impossible to go on a beach vacation without a few good books to read, right? But here's where I need your help- I'm so out of the book loop these days! What are you reading? What should I add to my list? I'm kind of done with non-fiction for now (I am bringing this one along, but that's it!). Fiction is just easier and lighter and more fun!

But really. Leave a comment letting me know what I need to pick up from the library this week!

Ps. I'm almost done with this one, so if you need a recommendation, pick it up. SO SO GOOD.


Amanda said...

Karen Kingsbury's books are the best!!! Her recent Angel's Walking series is SO good!!

Amanda said...

Also, The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans is really really good!!