Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whole30. {round two}

photo source:: Health Starts in the Kitchen
  We're doing Whole30 again! It's day three and we're doing great. But I mean, its only day three. So of course we're doing great. {especially since I totally ate non compliant during Cooking Club last night!} We did Whole30 over a year ago and we loved it. It's such a great refresh and it was awesome for us to intentionally branch out on new recipes and foods and take a closer look at the foods we're eating. Of course, we both lost weight, but that's not the goal. We just want to make some healthy changes and feel better. 
  All of that said, we're feeling more relaxed this time around {hence my bites of brownie and tortellini last night}. I caught a stomach bug last time and we had lots of social things come up that meant we couldn't avoid some non-compliant days. I didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money on bacon, so I ate a non-compliant kind. Justin still ate normal ketchup. And we sort of beat ourselves up over those things along the way, only to realize they were totally fine in the end. Don't hate me, Whole30 police. The whole point of this for us is to make healthier choices and be a bit more disciplined in what we're eating for 30 days- so we're giving ourselves more grace this time. We're not giving ourselves a license to scrap the entire plan, but space to make adjustments.

  The best part of doing Whole30 again is that we're already armed with some favorite recipes and we have a good place to start. We'll branch out and try some crazy {to us} new things in the next few weeks, but for these first days we're setting ourselves up for success and sticking to meals we love. Tacos {always tacos}, buffalo chicken, sweet potato fries; all the things we discovered last time around. Here's a little of what's on our menu for this week::

grilled chicken salads//buffalo chicken stuffed peppers//sweet potato fries//creamy tomato soup//pizza breakfast bites//chicken nuggets//white chicken chili {this is our new recipe for the week!//

So, here's to 27 more days of no brownies! Ha. Actually, we'll end Whole30 right before Valentine's day- so you better believe we're going to treat ourselves to something delicious and full of sugar/cheese/pasta. In the meantime, give me all your favorite Paleo/Whole30 recipes! 

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Katie @ My Darling Days said...

yay! you go girl... idk that I have it in me to do a whole30, but I love the idea of it. Best of luck on your next 27 days :)