Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Caleb. {18 months}

{I started this post last month and am just now getting around to finishing it!}

So, it turns out that somewhere between 15 and 18 months Caleb lost all of his baby-ness and is just a real toddler now! He says more words than I can count and 'puh-lease' might be my favorite {he says it at the best times and its pretty darn hard to refuse him when he does!}. He understands pretty much everything we say or ask of him and is starting to be a great helper. 1 1/2 is such a fun age {do I say that with every milestone?} and honestly, it makes having a newborn even more fun too. We have the best of both worlds right now- a snuggly, sweet baby and a giggly, interactive toddler. Caleb loves to find things he recognizes and point them out to us {balloons, cows, and cars get him REALLY excited when we're in public} and he says 'hi' and blows kisses to complete strangers. He gets huge burst of energy and literally chases us around the house in the evenings. The first thing he does every morning after breakfast is over is run straight to Tyler's room {he's so fast I often can't catch him in time}, open the door, and excitedly yell "Night night Ty!" Our days are full to the brim and I pass out the moment my head hits the pillow each night, but it's so much fun!

Caleb at 18 months:

-loves his little brother {or Ty, as he calls him} and kisses him no less than 20 times each day
-loves the dogs and, much to their frustration, chases them around the house and crawls all over them
-still loves his monkey, but also just generally loves stuffed animals right now. He sleeps with as many as we'll let him and he drags them around the house to play with them
-loves his ABC's right now. He doesn't know them, but begs me to sing the song and point out each letter on the print above his bed
-is starting to show signs of potty training readiness. He's not ready, but he does tell us when he needs his diaper changed and will often try to get on the toilet when he does. We'll probably buy a training toilet soon just to introduce it 
-takes one nap each day {2-3 hours}
-favorite foods: BERRIES {he will scream with excitement every time he seems them, any kind, even in public}, sweet potatoes, chicken, yogurt, and absolutely anything that you can convince him is a cookie
-seems to hate veggies all of the sudden {but we're getting creative at sneaking them in}
-makes lots of animal sounds {cow, duck, snake, cat, goat, lion, dog}
-knows his body parts
-knows some names of family and friends {Mia, Tyler, Owen, Papaw}
-sleeps from 7/7:30p-7/7:30a at night
-wears 18-24 month clothes {he's a BIG kid!}
-weighs 29lbs {96%} and is 33in tall {73%}
-says 'bye' to all of his toys every time he comes down stairs
-is such a ham! We can easily make him smile and belly laugh these days, which is such a change from the serious little baby he was.
-is obsessed with reading. He fixates on a new book every few days and asks for it by name, wanting to read it over and over.

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