Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly round-up.

 Phew! This week got off to a rough start with a certain toddler throwing lots of tantrums and refusing to sleep past 6am. BUT but I think we've finally kicked the funk that the off-schedule holidays threw us {read: the toddler} into and are back to normal. He's slept in the past two days {7:30!}! No tantrums! Full naps! Can you hear the relief as I type that? Oh, and Tyler? He's the sweetest and I think he knows his brother requires a lot because he takes it so easy on me. 
  But anyways, its Friday! We're starting Whole30 again this weekend and I'm half REALLY EXCITED about it {goodbye, baby weight} and half really dreading it {hello, breastfeeding hunger/my general love for cookies}. Either way, we're doing it and it'll be good for us and I am glad to eat lots of real foods instead of the junk I've been rationalizing the last week. We honestly loved it last time and I think having done it before will give us an even bigger push to branch out and try different recipes this time!
  Anyways. In the meantime, you can find me eating some delicious pizza tonight {probably with a side of cupcake?} and soaking up every bit of this weekend. I have a pretty lofty goal of slipping out of the house at some point over the weekend to go sit at Starbucks to read or blog or Project Life or honestly, just not have another human or dog touching me? Tyler will be six weeks old on Tuesday, and its sort of the mark our dr wanted us to hit before getting out of the house much with him {damn you, flu/RSV season} and I am absolutely feeling every bit of cabin fever from that! So here's to the weekend, getting out of the house, and eating as much pizza as possible before Whole30!

//I am in love with this mash-up of the hits from 2015. {the last minute is my favorite!}

//Anyone else need to simplify things a bit? Loving this series.

//Let's all agree to get out of our way this year, mmk?

//If you're in need of a swift kick in the pants and a real challenge to actually love like Jesus, listen to this. {But seriously. It's so good.}

//These are worth every. single. penny. {and are 40-50% off final sale with code MUSTSHOP!}  Seriously, I'm buying them in black today and am so sad that they're probably being discontinued!

//I'm building my Whole30 repertoire and I can't wait to try this! {Ps. share ALL your fave Whole30 dishes with me!}

Happy weekending!

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