Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Like confetti.

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 Does anyone else feel like the holiday season is the best time to work on loving well? Calendars are full, places are crowded, we spend time with lots of different people, and things can be stressful. Maybe its just me that feels that way? Anyways, I saw the quote "throw kindness around like confetti' the other day and it, added to my purposeful prayer to love some hard people better, has me feeling a bit challenged. A friend encourage me the other day, saying that our actions on the outside show so much more love than the frustrations or bitterness we feel on the inside. Amen. And goodness, that's hard to live out!
  Anyways, I saw this and loved it. Scripture to back up this thought of not keep score and letting go of frustrations {when they're so easy to hold onto!!} and offering grace when we'd rather not. 10 ways to love and love well. Even if you're not feeling particularly challenged to work on this or you don't have challenging people in your life {bless your heart}- these are 10 great reminders for starting the new year well! Let's all be a littler kinder to strangers, coworkers, family, and friends. Even the ones that challenge us.

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