Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I'm not sure at all how tomorrow is already New Year's Eve, but I can confidently say this is the longest we've ever kept our Christmas tree up! The holiday busyness has finally died down and I was able to pack away our tree and the ornaments while both boys napped. After moving the furniture back into place, our living room looks less cluttered and I feel 10lbs lighter somehow. Add to that the solo errands I was able to run this morning while my mom watched the boys {!!! still so weird to say}, the meal she made us for later this week, the meal my sister dropped of for tonight {we're loved well, aren't we?}, the dishes my mom did, and simultaneous nap my boys took- and today is just wonderful. Slow and perfect as we get ready for another long weekend with Justin! 
  Also, that cute newborn in the picture? He's already outgrowing some newborn clothes! And changing so much! And almost one month old! Oh man. Has anyone learned how to slow down time yet??
  And on an unrelated note, be sure to come back tomorrow for the best {and longest} look back on 2015! I hear everyone is doing those cute 9 frame shots on instagram to recap, but since I'm taking an instagram break, I'm keeping it old school on the blog!

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