Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015.

  Christmas was such a fun whirlwind this year. What started out as a plan for a simple celebration sort of spiraled out of hand and we've basically been going non stop since Christmas Eve. Caleb is definitely feeling it and we're all excited to get back to normal when things wind down tomorrow. But it's all been worth it! 
  We were able to wake up slow and have the entire morning together on Christmas day before the craziness began- which was perfect since Tyler decided to have a growth spurt and eat like a maniac all night/morning. We watched a little of the Curious George movie while we waited for Tyler to finish eating and then let Caleb open the little gifts we had for him. He loved his stocking and had so much fun pulling out all of the little presents. Our 'big' {but super inexpensive} gift to him was a magnetic chalkboard that he LOVES. Mostly he loves swiping all the magnets off and then slamming them back on- but it is hilarious to watch! 
  After we fed Tyler {for the millionth time}, we headed to my sisters' to celebrate with my family. With six grandkids under 4, our get togethers are entertaining and the best kind of crazy. Caleb is obsessed with his older cousins and just follows them around and it is pretty precious. And oh my goodness, it was quite the scene while we {read: the kids} unwrapped gifts. Chaos might be the best way to describe it? But they loved it and its so fun to be in this new season as a family where the focus has shifted from my sisters and me and onto our kiddos. Honestly, I don't need any gifts at all because watching them is so much fun in itself! 
  All of the big kids crashed by early evening and we came home to help finish putting together the awesome play kitchen my parents gifted Caleb. And, shocker, he loves is so so much. Like, more than I can really express. If you need a gift idea, get your kiddo this play kitchen. Worth every penny already, and we've only had it for 3 days {and we've been gone 2.5 of those!}. Thanks, Mom & Dad!
  We packed up the kids and headed to Ohio all day Saturday to visit more family and my in laws are visiting right now. So much family time! Its all so great and we love it. 
 I also love the idea of finally taking the tree down tomorrow {I'm a day-after-Christmas kind of girl}, put the living room back together, sift through all of the generous gifts, and get my toddler back to his normal self. Christmas season is so much fun, but I also so love the decluttering and simplifying that comes when its all done and we move into the new year. With a newborn and probably the busiest Christmas, we're all pretty ready to settle in and find our new normal around here! One of my resolutions? More & better family photos- I am never in any shots and we always forget to snap a family photo together until the last {less than ideal} minute. Let's change that in 2016!

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