Friday, December 11, 2015

Hi, Friday! {a weekly round-up}

  I made it through my first week at home alone with two littles! Can I be honest? It has been just a really sweet week. Lots of good naps and sharing {do you see that photo?? Unstaged! Just imagine Caleb saying "Night night, baby"} and newborn kisses and sleeping at night! I'm still holding my breath a little bit, because I know we're bound to have hard days {and nights}. This week, though, has been great. And easy on me. And fun for Caleb {so fun he's gone to bed early every night from sheer exhaustion}. And Tyler has pretty much slept through it all. Our house isn't a complete disaster, I've showered most days, we're all getting sleep at night, and we haven't had any real meltdowns {grown up, toddler, or newborn!} yet. I think we all deserve cupcakes! Or pizza! Or something equally delicious! {can you tell my breastfeeding cravings are in high gear right now? All the foods, all the time, please}
  Still, I'm excited for the weekend. For adult interaction! Someone else to change diapers! Another trip out of the house- maybe on my own this time? And definitely getting myself that cupcake. Or pizza? Probably both.
  Here's some fun reading for your weekend- enjoy! Don't forget to check out the giveaway from yesterday {it's a good one!} and come back Monday for my last gift guide. Happy weekending!

//I may have deleted Instagram from my phone, but I'm excited to still follow along with one of my favorites. {the newest series is FASCINATING, especially with all the recent refugee debates}

//Are you doing an Advent Study? Try this one. It's short and sweet, but really really great for helping prepare your heart for Christmas.

//I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. That's all. 

//We get lots of comments on our boys' adorable {and super soft!} blankets. My mom gifted us both blankets from this shop. {I customized it using the fonts from the girl design and the monogram from the boy design!}

//I'm skipping out on our book club's annual cookie exchange this week, but still sending some goodies with a friend. I just can't decide between this, these, or these. What's your vote??

//I sort of really want to see this movie

//And, just for fun... this

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