Monday, December 14, 2015

Due date.

  Happy due date, Tyler! We had another great appointment with week- Tyler is growing crazy fast. He's gained 9oz in the last six days and is doing so well, we don't need to see the dr. again until February! At two weeks old, our littlest guy is very easy going, hardly cries, has slept up to 6 hours at night, puts up with all his big brother's craziness, sleeps in his crib at night, and is still swimming in newborn clothes {being 6lb 14oz will do that!}. 
  It's hard to imagine life without him already. He fits so seamlessly into our days and goes perfectly with the flow. In true second child fashion, we don't have as much time for snuggles or long nursing sessions. He eats crazy fast {10 minutes is a marathon for him} and is perfectly content to sleep in his crib, the mamaRoo, or wait for cuddles until big brother is asleep. 
  Oddly enough, I'm sort of emotional about today being my due date. Tyler is here and he's pretty perfect for our family! I think all my emotions stem from knowing this could be our last newborn, I may have finished my last pregnancy, and these days really are fleeting. Oh, and the hormones could be impacting all of this. And by could, I mean they definitely are. We're on the fence when it comes to whether or not we'll add any more kiddos to our family, either by adoption or biologically, and I'm pretty ok with that unknown. It is still seems extra important to soak up this newborn phase, the newness that comes with an infant, and just this really unique phase of life with two under two. 

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