Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gift guide. {what's on my list}

  So, I had a bigger gift guide planned with lots of good stuff and wanted to have it up two weeks ago. Then I had a baby, forgot about it and, when I remembered, decided to simplify it and only include the things that are on my Christmas list. I mean, why not? These are all goodies that I would love to receive or that I'm giving as gifts this year. And you'll notice a trend- lots are from small businesses because I just love supporting them! This list sort of covers everything though- from clothes and totes, home goods, and books to tech-y things, hobby stuff, and even gift cards! And just a little reminder {because I caught myself nearly missing this myself!}- today is the last day to order from most places to have it arrive by Christmas. So hop to it! Finish up your shopping! {and on that note, I'm off to order that last few things for my own Christmas shopping!}

Emily Mcdowell// I love Emily's sense of humor and how she approaches taboo topics. These tea towels are my fav right now!

MamaSaid// I'm in love with this top!

leather tote// So, technically this isn't on my list since I already own one. But you guys! If you know someone who loves classic, quality pieces- get her this. It's amazing! {find a coupon code here!}

prayer journal// Hands down, my favorite thing to gift. I've been using mine for over a year now and can't so enough good things about having this!

candles// here are my 3 favorites: 1// 2// 3//

gift cards// So, gift cards get a bad rap. And I think that's dumb. Some people think they're super impersonal, but I LOVE them! I am stingy when it comes to shopping for myself, so having a gift card is such a treat. For instance, having a newborn during winter means being a bit housebound- but a trip through Starbucks drive-thru or a little vacation down the aisles of Target are basically amazing to a mom! You can find gift cards for just about everything these days and these are some of my favorites: etsy// starbucks// target// Patachou {a local Indy eatery}// loft. 

selfie stick// So, I don't have this on my list. But I should because it's sort of amazing. 

books// these two {1// 2//} are my current favorites to gift to others and these two {1// 2//} are on my list

mug// I actually need to purge some of my mugs because the collection is getting a bit out of control, but if I had room I'd add this one to my collection. And, if I'm being practical, I really could use another one of these because they genuinely keep my tea/hot chocolate warm for HOURS. Yes, please. 

mom necklace// I had one of these when Caleb was born, but it didn't hold up well. I'd love to upgrade to a nicer one {and add a T for Tyler!}. I have my eye on this one!

Project Life// I'm obsessed with Project Life and think its just a super doable way to document every day moments. I have the Emily Ley baby set for Tyler, but still need to get a book and I need to start another book of Caleb/general family stuffs!

Toms// I struggle when it comes to finding shoes I like that I can wear every day. I don't wear Uggs or booties or any of the trendy shoes- I tend to stick to simpler options. I also hate wearing socks, so flats and slip-ons are my besties. Toms for the win! 

clothes// Turns out being pregnant/nursing for the last 14 months means my wardrobe sort of stinks. I need to completely revamp it and these are some classics I'm loving: 1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 

Mpix// I just placed a big order of Caleb's newborn photos and remembered why I love this printer so much! The cheaper sites are my go-to for phone/day-today photos, but when I'm printing professional shots I stick with Mpix {so much better quality!}. I try to print photos once a month, so a gift card is such a huge help and a treat to print a few extras to help build our gallery walls. 

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