Tuesday, November 24, 2015

5 Laundry must-haves

I love hearing what others put on their 'must-have' lists. Whether is cleaning, books, clothing, organization, recipes- I just really love hearing what works and what other people are doing. Maybe you're like that too? If so, read on sister!

I am by no means a laundry expert. At all. But after being married for 6 years, having a 1.5 year old, and being a stay at home mom {somehow I just feel like that means I do more laundry than I've ever done before}, I have some go-to's that I stick with.

white vinegar// There's a reason your grandma talks about how amazing this stuff is. I use a cupful in nearly every load of laundry I do! Between Justin's workout clothes, Caleb's outfits {toddlers are messy/stinky}, and the millions of bath/kitchen towels that seem to pile up, using vinegar is just essential. It cuts out any stink and leaves clothes feels extra soft and smelling fresh. Trust me, this stuff works!

sunshine// Ok, I was super skeptical about this. But when Caleb was a newborn and had his first blowout in an outfit I just didn't want to toss, I rinsed it and set it out on our deck to see if the sun would take any of the stain out. YOU GUYS. It works like absolute magic. I'm not sure if you've ever tried to remove a breastmilk-poop stain, but its nearly impossible. Since then, I've learned that the sun is the best bleach of all and can get rid of so many stains!

bleach// Next to sunshine, this stuff is the best. Nevermind that I love the smell! Over the last few years, we've moved to all white bedding and towels. They're so much easier to keep clean {ironically} and I just throw a bit of bleach into each load to keep them bright white and germ free. So maybe this tip is really that I stick with white bedding/towels AND I love bleach?

routine// Almost every morning before Caleb wakes up, I toss in a load of laundry. Towels, workout clothes, Caleb's hamper- anything. I'm able to move it to the dryer before he even eats breakfast and have it all folded before lunch {usually}. This really really easy task helps me stay on top of everyone's laundry and honestly, it never piles up!

Gain// So, I know organic and all-natural stuff is ALL THE RAGE right now. But give me all the glorious laundry scents. We use scent/dye free detergent on baby clothes until we're confident our little ones aren't easily irritated by regular stuff, but otherwise I'm 100% about using Gain. It smells AMAZING. I will always and forever amen use Gain (original, in case you're wondering). 

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