Wednesday, October 7, 2015

30 weeks. {round two}

 We're going to have a newborn baby in the house soon {ish}! I think it's really, really hitting me and I'm getting so excited. It seems like a lot of newborns keep popping up on my favorite blogs and in my instagram feed and I love it. I see those new, squishy babes and it feels right that we'll have one in our arms soon. I don't quite know how to explain it, but I'm just so excited. I'm sure most second time moms wonder how they'll have room in their heart to love another kiddo as much as their first or just how it all works out, but I think I can feel my heart shifting already. This little boy isn't just an idea or hope, but a growing baby that we're so in love with and attached to and excited to meet. I can't wait!
  But still, time slow down!!! This pregnancy just keeps flying by and I find myself trying to hold on to each day with Caleb and Justin just as our life is right now. Justin was gone over the weekend and I was super intentional about my time with Caleb. We kept so busy and had so much fun together. He's going to be an awesome big brother {we're practicing being gentle around babies!}, but I also want to bottle this up. Only children have such special time with their parents, and I'm not taking that for granted. Gah, I'm sappy these days.
  As far as this pregnancy goes? Not too many complaints! I still can't eat real chicken {though I have been able to stomach Chick Fil A nuggs!} and love red meat, but mostly don't eat real meals because I forget or don't want to bother with it. So different than my last pregnancy! I really, really wish I was able to run like I did with Caleb. But between not having a jogging stroller and you know, bladder challenges, its just not happening. I'm hoping that after this guy comes, I'll be able to get back into running for real. I miss it! But I'm trying to walk a few miles every day or so and stay as active as possible. I credit that for my easy labor/delivery/recovery with Caleb and want the same this time around, if I can help it. Other than all of that, I truly forget I'm pregnant most of the day. Chasing Caleb keeps me so busy that I don't remember until I'm so hungry I can't stand it or I try to bend over too much and have a big bump in my way!


Stormy said...

Looking good momma! Can't believe how quickly it's going for you!

Anonymous said...

You look GREAT! I echo many of your sentiments of the last 2ish months of pregnancy and the part about often forgetting that I'm pregnant. Glad to know that I'm not a weirdo! :)