Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Everyday Home Tour. {fall}

  I love Pinterest and big blogs because they contain so much inspiration for, well, everything. It's nice to peek inside my favorite big blogger's home and see how she decorates or organizes or spends her days. But truthfully? I am the most inspired by real people and real homes. Not completely staged photos containing gorgeous goods that are just out of my price range. In real life, who has $200 to spend on pumpkins, gourds, and mums that will die in a month???
 Enter the Everyday Home Tour. I assure you, my house is so normal and average. And that's ok! I'm average! I stay at home with my toddler {and very fluffy husky and wild weimaraner}, so our budget doesn't have tons of room for just stocking up on holiday decor or instantly decorating our house from top to bottom. We've lived here for 4 years now and still have complete rooms that are untouched {unless you count piles of junk...}. Real life!
  I'm teaming up with Katie {great name, huh?!} to share a peek into how we're decorating for Fall this year and not breaking the bank. Share your home with us! Leave a comment with your blog or tag us on IG- #TheEverydayHomeTour.

  I really wanted to have a new wreath for our front door and it was a great excuse for a crafternoon with one of my besties. I used a cheapo {$4!} grapevine wreath I had leftover from a Mother's Day project and picked up a few sheets of felt for $2.50 total to make the little flowers. I sort of love how it turned out, but not the fact that my front door gets so hot from the sun that every single flower melted off and I had to buy some E600 to get them to stay! Lesson learned. But I love having a bright little spot on our blah green front door.
  Outside of our front door, I pretty much only every decorate for the seasons in two rooms of the house: the kitchen and living/dining rooms. Those are the main rooms people see and that I walk through and the places that aren't cluttered with toddler toys. One of my fall staples? This candle. You've surely heard me talk about it before and I'll definitely say it again. Plus, who cares what your house looks like if it smells this good??

  My mom gifted me this old scale last year for Christmas and I just love finding new things to stack on top of it. These pumpkins were $.79 each and I just cut the stem off the bottom two to create a cute little stack. 

  Maybe I should just give my mom all the credit for my home decor?? She gifted me this dough bowl that I break out every fall/winter to fill with whatever I can find. These pinecones were a post-christmas steal a few years ago and I decided to buy a bag of $2 mini pumpkins from Wal-mart to mix it up this year.

  This year's fall mantel looks a ton like last year's. I'm a creature of habit! I just shopped our house and grabbed some fall-ish colored books, my two glitter pumpkins {probably the only actual resuable fall decor I own?}, a green Juliska pitcher {thanks, mom!}, and these signs that had to be taken out of the guest room to get the nursery ready anyway. I had pretty much forgotten about these signs I made 3 years ago and am so glad to have them out again! 

  And, would it really be an Everyday Home Tour without some glimpses of real life? 99% of Caleb's toys are in his room or upstairs in our bonus room, but we keep a stack of books and couple of things in the living room for him. I've had the BHG magazine sitting out for two weeks in hopes that I'll find 10 minutes to actually read it...

  Thanks for taking a peek into my house this fall! How are you keeping things simple and easy and practical this year? We want to see! Snap a photo on instagram and tag us with #TheEverydayHomeTour. And don't forget to pop over to Katie's blog to see her house- girlfriend has some seriously good taste!!

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Katie @ My Darling Days said...

I LOVE that wreath -- you did such a good job! And that sunflower is so beautiful. I really enjoyed your tour -- thanks again for having me be apart of #TheEverydayHomeTour. Happy Fall!!