Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall traditions.

  It's Fall! Well, not until next week if you're being official. But pretty much deem the beginning of September the beginning of Fall, and by that math we're already 16 days in. The weather is slowly cooling down here in Indiana, but you can already tell the seasons are changing. Leaves are starting to turn and fields are drying up {but maybe that's because it hasn't rained in ages?} and the sun comes up later and later each day. Ah, Fall. I love you.
  I'm such a creature of habit. I've been drinking the same teas, wearing the same clothes, and using the same winter lotion for 15 years. Don't fix it if its not broken, right? 
  So anyways, Fall seems to bring back the most traditions for me. And I don't mean traditions like apple picking and pumpkin carving {Justin doesn't love either of those}. More simple, everyday things. 
  I find myself picking up this book every single September {this is my 5th year}. It's one of those just good reads that makes you think and not feel hurried through. Some years it only takes me a week or two to finish. Last year, I took my time and didn't finish it until late December. I find something new each time I read it and, by now, it feel just like catching up with an old friend. Cheesy? Yes. But true!
  I love hot tea. As soon as I can even slightly justify a warm mug in the mornings, I start up my cold-weather routine of making a cup every morning, first thing. I rotate around a few favorites, but right now I'm sticking with my favorite chamomile since I want to avoid too much caffeine. I discovered this specific tea during my freshman Fall semester at Butler {before I transferred to Taylor}. Even now, drinking it reminds me of really gorgeous and introspective days around Butler's campus. Again, cheesy? Yes, absolutely. 
  I also love love love a good candle and am always so antsy to break out my go-to Fall scent. Leaves from Bath & Body Works is hands down the best. Its strong enough to fill my whole house and quality enough to last several burns. I light it nearly every evening as I pick up the house and before Justin comes home and definitely every time we have guest over. 
  And I'm dying over pumpkin bread these days. If I'm honest, I've actually been eating this from the Starbucks drive through all summer. Hey, I'm pregnant. I do what I want. But really. A few years ago I discovered the secret to the world's most moist pumpkin bread is to cook in the crockpot, surrounded by water so that it soaks up the moisture. Oh my goodness. I made some yesterday and was reminded why this has become a definite Fall tradition for me! {stay tuned for the recipe soon!}
  My favorite part of Fall is the permission it gives us to settle in. Spring and summer are all about airing out and adventuring. Winter is, whatever. But Fall is about rhythms and routines and slowing down a bit. I love that! Don't get me wrong, its not all perfect and it will soon be cold enough that I'll be wishing for summer again. 
  Tell me! What are your favorite bits of Fall? Have any good Fall traditions??

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