Tuesday, September 15, 2015

27 weeks {round two} and a bit about adoption.


  Well hello there, third trimester! It is so crazy that I just said that... Time is absolutely, 100% flying with this pregnancy. And we finally have some plans to get some furniture for this little guy! And maybe even a name! I've even started thinking about his simple nursery and making a wish list of things I want to fill his space with {you can see it here!}. We're keeping his room really low key and I'm going even more neutral than Caleb's nursery- navys, grays, yellows. And I have my eye on these two pieces to hang on the wall, but I'm not sure I want to be that spendy. I just love the scripture sign and have loved that Etsy shop forever. We'll see!
  This little guy is such a mover lately. He doesn't move all the time, but when he does I can definitely feel it. He is so much stronger than I remember Caleb being! And I think he might be bigger? I can't tell how big he is, but my belly right now {at 27 weeks} is legitimately as big as it was when I was full term with Caleb. I still haven't gained much, probably the same rate as I did with Caleb. But man, is my body so different this time around.
  We're getting to the point that I'm so so curious about this little guy. I can't wait {well, I can. We have lots to do!} to hold him and see what he looks like and learn his little personality. The whole baby part of it all is seeming more and more real as we get closer to full term {9 weeks!!!!!!!!!!}. We had Caleb's 15 month check-up today and his pediatrician said the next time she's sees me, she bets it'll be in hospital for our new little guy! Which is ironic, since I scheduled Caleb's 18 month visit for my due date...

  Since this is our second, people ask us often if it will be our last or if we'd like to have more kids. Honest answer? We're split. I've always felt like I'd be a mom to lots of kids, Justin loves the idea of two. So truthfully, we have no idea. We're enjoying this pregnancy and this little guy before we start moving on to the next one in our minds {while praying God will align our hearts}.
  But we have talked about it hypothetically. If we did have more kids, we would seriously pray about adoption and if it is right for our family. This pregnancy has me thinking about adoption a lot, ironically. About how sweet a gift it is for a birth mom to give their baby the best life by choosing adoption. And how amazing it is for adoptive families to make such an amazing difference in a kiddo's life!
  I'm getting off track here. Where I was really going with all this is to say that this pregnancy has made me extra sensitive to adoption right now. The need for it, the blessing that come from it, and the beauty of the entire adoption process. To add to my pregnancy-driven and sensitive bend towards orphans right now, Noonday is partnering with AdoptTogether to gather communities across the country for #WorldAdoptionDay in support of adoptive families. It's pretty amazing. If you have 3 minutes {literally, its only 3 minutes long}, stop what you're doing right now and watch this video!

  Pretty awesome right? I'm so excited to be a part of Noonday and hopefully help some adoptive families raise money for their kiddo! Do you know an adoptive family or adoption agency? Are you adopting? Email me! {withasmileblog AT gmail DOT com} Like Jessica said in the video {seriously, watch it!}, let's bring those babies home!

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