Thursday, September 17, 2015

Caleb. {15 months}


  We had Caleb's 15 month check-up this week and if there was ever a doubt that he's growing {there wasn't!}, I can confidently say we have a big kid on our hands. Literally and figuratively! Caleb is the 93% for weight and 26% for height and is right on track for all the developmental milestones he should be hitting right now. {I realize none of this is exciting to anyone but me, roll with it mmkay?}
  We don't go back to the doctor until December for his 18 month visit, and by then he'll likely be a big brother already! If these past few months are any indicator, Caleb will have grown leaps and bounds by then. Since his first birthday, he has started talking, walking, following simple commands, interacting with us more, and playing independently. So many changes and milestones in such a short amount of time!

  At 15 months, Caleb loves: milk, fruit, walking everywhere, talking in the car, playing with Dad, Murphy, monkey, older kids, reading, Daniel Tiger, swimming, riding his CAT truck, saying No for fun.

My favorite things about this exact age are: how much he loves and anticipates when Justin's home, watching him explore on his own, how he repeats a new word over and over as soon as he learns it, our morning snuggles {they don't last long..}, his wobbly walking, the excited sound he makes and arm flapping he does when he thinks something big is going to happen {before supper, when he sees Justin, etc}, how serious and reserved he still is with new people and then how goofy and loud he is once he warms up!

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