Tuesday, September 22, 2015

28 weeks. {round two}

  Oddly enough, I'm feeling really great these days as I start my third trimester. Probably better and more energetic than I felt all of the second trimester. No complaints! We travelled to New Jersey over the weekend, and while flying with a one year old is exhausting, it was such a an easy trip. I feel like my body has finally figured out this pregnancy and I just feel good. It was so fun to meet our newest niece and take one last trip as a family of three. Both sides of our families have grown so fast over the last few years and making time to spend with our siblings, nieces, and nephews has been more important than ever to us. We already have a trip to Destin on the calendar to see more of Justin's brothers and cousins this Spring, which is extra exciting since we're sitting out holidays this year and we'll have this new little guy with us!
  Another awesome part of the trip? Seeing Caleb with a baby! He is {mostly} so gentle and curious, but not really jealous. That could completely change when that baby sticks around for me than three days, but it made us so excited to see him become a big brother. And we were reminded how simple life with a newborn can be {you can literally lay them on the couch and not worry about them falling or having to entertain them while you cook supper}. So that has us feeling a little more confident about this whole 2 under 2 thing.
  And on a personal note, I'm getting to that sentimental part of pregnancy. The part where I'm super thankful for this quiet time I have to know and keep this baby to myself. In a few months, he'll be a part of so many people's lives, but right now I'm the only one who knows his kicks and how he's growing and what wakes him up each day. That's such a sweet, sweet thing that I'm not taking for granted. Being a mom and being able to carry a baby is so unique and amazing!

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