Monday, September 14, 2015

First thing.

"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you" Isaiah 26:3

  Lately it's been so hard for me to get up before Caleb to have my own quiet time. I've been squeezing it in while he plays or eats breakfast, but it doesn't compare to starting my day in the Word quietly and without any distractions. I'm less anxious, quicker to love others, and slower to forget God's promises when I make my mornings with Jesus priority. 
  I've been feeling especially anxious lately, about pretty much everything and for no particular reason. But I'm learning that the mornings I wake up and tackle this first and find verses to repeat throughout the days are the best ones. The ones where I can see in front of me and am a little less overwhelmed with the big picture of things or unknowns. 
  The older I get, I'm also learning how important it is to keep scripture at the top of my mind. To commit verse to memory, to read what the Bible says about different life applications. To pray through the Word. I know it'll only be more challenging when there are two kids to give my time to in a few months, and I want to develop good habits now. So here's to s new week and a new attempt to start my days in the best way, even when my bed is comfy and my eyelids are heavy! 

How do you tackle daily devotions and time in the Word? Are you a morning or night person when it comes to reading your Bible? Have any great Bible studies I should try? {my 365DaysofTruth study will be done in a few months!}

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I have a bible study before we settle down for the night. He's good at taking charge of that. However, I miss my quiet times and need to be more intentional. Thank you for the gentle nudge...Grateful, thankful, blessed - always!