Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursdays with Caleb. {21}

  Caleb seems to be a little sponge lately and his list of party tricks is growing! As of today, here's what he can do {if he's in the mood...}

//wave and say 'hi!"
//wave and say "buh-bye"
//blow kisses {SO cute}
//play hide and seek
//blow on his food {learned this from dad!}
//pet the dogs {we're working in being more gentle...}
//sort of use a fork
//find and show his tongue
//find and show his belly
//find and show mom's belly {except when I'm wearing maternity pants, then he's just confused by the large stretchy wasitband covering my growing belly}
//and finally, we're getting so close to him taking independent steps. So close. And this pregnant mom will not be too sad about carrying him less once he's walking...

Life with a 1 year old is so much fun! 

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