Friday, August 28, 2015

Launch weekend!

 It's here! My Noonday Collection launch weekend is here! {don't know what I'm talking about? Read this.} 

  I'm so excited and nervous and curious about how it will go! I know at least a handful of ladies will be able to make it, and that makes me feel a bit relieved that I won't be talking to an empty house come Sunday afternoon. And I've already had one sweet friend who lives out of state place an order just to support me and be able to wear Noonday around her community to share the excitement of all the great things this organization is doing. How sweet is that?? {Ps. if you can't physically come, you can still shop the show from your living here! Just go here!}
  But anyways. I've got my mama's famous chex mix made, a small menu of some other treats to share, and this drink recipe lined up to make. I've spent some serious time this week praying about my launch show and setting some goals/dreams. Now all that's left to do is bake a little, vacuum the house, and share my heart with some ladies I love so much! Gah. I can't wait!
  Definitely check out my launch show and what all my excitement is about this weekend! And if you're bored, here are some other things I'm loving from around the internets this week::

//I'm obsessed with this Amazon Prime commercial. And by obsessed, I really mean I tear up every time it comes on.

//This post by Kate about being a second time mom really hit home with me. And reminded me that I can do it, no matter how overwhelming it seems right now. 

//I saw a preview for this new movie and all of the sudden I'm ready for the holidays. No joke- I've already started shopping for gifts and convinced Justin to watch The Grinch this week! I'll be turning up NSYNC Christmas soon...

//Did you know that Wednesday was National Dog Day? I may have looked at 80% of the hashtagged photos on instagram...

//With Back To School season in full swing, I love this honest post by Ashley. 

Happy weekending!!

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