Wednesday, August 26, 2015

House bucket list.

 This pregnancy is flying by and lately that has me itching to get some things done around the house. Because who has time to do things like make a headboard with two under two in the dead of winter? Crazy people, that's who.
  So I'm pretty aware that just making this list doesn't actually mean anything on it will happen. But it's a step closer? Truthfully, the hardest part is getting Justin on board because he's not in love with diys. He always loves the finished product, just not the thought of doing it. If we can jump that hurdle, there's hope for this list! And truthfully, I'd be happy with even a few {just one??} thing being crossed off!
  Here are the top six things I would loooove {hear that, sweetie??} to finish before the baby comes!

make a headboard// Our bedroom is so neglected, it's pathetic. We just have a mattress and metal bedframe. Not even a bedskirt. So a headboard would make a huge difference! I mean, we could buy one. But that's so expensive {we have a king bed!} and we're not made of monies. This one and this one are both super easy, cheap, and look great! I just can't make either on my own, so I'm in the market for willing helpers!

paint kitchen cabinets// Ok, this is lofty. I get that. But I've wanted to paint our cabinets since we first walked into this house! Our gross builder-grade honey oak cabinets kill me {that's dramatic, but you get the point} and I think the room would look awesome with crisp, white surfaces!

baby proof// Well this should be a given. And done already? We have all the drawer/cabinet locks, they just need to be attached. And we're still on the hunt for a gate that fits at the top of the stairs so we don't have to use the storage ottoman anymore {that Caleb will be able to climb over soon!}. 

set up nursery// This is {or should be!} an easy one! The baby will be sleeping in his crib as soon as we get home from the hospital, so it has to be set up before he's born. This can be our easy one to cross off the list!

update gallery wall// I sort of threw up the gallery wall in our bonus room just so we'd have something on the walls. Now that the room is coming together, I really want to update it with family photos and letters for both of the boys! {which means we'll have to decided on a name for baby boy...}

hang curtains// We have 3 sets of curtains resting over various windows in our house that have needed to be mounted for at least a year {classy!}. So that would be awesome to get that done/not be so trashy anymore.

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