Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursdays with Caleb, {20}

 Caleb just gets more and more fun everyday! Here are some fun facts about Caleb at {nearly} 15 months::

//can say Mama, Dada, Dog {dah}
//since vacation, he points to all moving vehicles and says 'dada' {after seeing his dad out on the boat/jet ski}
//has zero schedule and is this close to moving to one nap a day
//is a crawling/cruising champ and haze zero interest in walking. Zero.
//loves to play independently!
//wakes up extremely happy every morning
//thinks hitting the dogs with his toys is hilarious
//lights up every time he sees his dad
//...but is starting to become more and more attached to mom
//growing so much! He's into 12-18 month clothes all of the sudden
//his appetite is slowing down. Finally! He eats a normal amount of food these days {as opposed to teenager sized portions}
//knows where his tongue is and is learning to find his belly {but has no problem pointing to mama's growing belly}
//has about 8 teeth!
//has a love affair with doors. Opening, closing, banging, all of the above bring him extreme joy.
//loves play dates, especially with older kids!

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