Friday, August 14, 2015

To the weekend!

 This is one of those weekends I've been looking forward to for months. Literally! I'm headed out of town for two days with two of my favorite girlfriends for a conference and I'm not sure which part I'm most excited about. Quality time with two women I look up to so much? Uninterrupted, toddler-free days? Hearing so many Godly women from across so many generations speak at the conference? Gah. So many good things!
  It's also my birthday weekend, and that always has me reflecting back on the last year and looking forward to the next. Lots of introspection! And being only a year away from 30 {why is that such a monumental birthday??}, I've got lots of hopes for how I want to round out my 20s. Maybe a 30 before 30 bucket list is in order? That could be fun! 
  But anyways. It's the weekend. I get to sleep in and not change a poopy diaper for at least 48 hours and be surrounded by women who encourage me to be more like Jesus and I have an excuse to eat cake. Let's do this! Happy weekend! :)

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