Monday, August 31, 2015

Ordinary and imperfect.

“Throughout the Bible, God chose ordinary and imperfect people—fishermen, shepherds, and farmers—to do astounding things. Even though we are ordinary, God can make the impossible possible when we humble ourselves and surrender our fears to Him. God does not need you to be a superhero in order to use you for His great purposes. He just needs your humble, willing heart.” - Lara Casey, Make It Happen

  I woke up yesterday morning, the morning of my official Noonday Collection launch, nervous. While Caleb ate breakfast, I spent some time praying about my nerves and insecurities. And I continued that prayer into the afternoon as ladies called and text to say they wouldn't make it to my launch party. Would any even show up? What if the few that did just think I'm trying to sell them things and make money off them? What if no one leaves the party with even a little excitement about being able to purchase and partner with Noonday to make a real difference around the world? And then I remembered a quote I had seen recently about not attaching your identity to the outcome of anything. Yes. I joined Noonday to make a difference. And just like I told the 10 {10!!!} ladies that came yesterday, every bit of partnering with Noonday makes a difference- from buying the most inexpensive piece to hosting a huge trunk show. That, coupled with an encouraging text from a friend reminded me no matter how my launch party went, how many women decided to host a show, that I was being obedient. I was being faithful and a part of something bigger than myself. That my expectations didn't matter and I needed to 100% let them go.
  So I did. I let my expectations go and was absolutely blown away at the outcome! I'm sure whatever I said to the ladies was a bit nervous and jumbled still and I definitely forgot some things I had planned to say or do. But still. Guys. God reminded me that absolutely none of that matters! I'm so simple and ordinary and imperfect {aren't we all?}. But every single lady seemed genuinely excited and so sweetly made a purchase and 3 even booked their own Trunk Shows! The best part of it all? Being able to draw a name out of the raffle and gift all the of really amazing hostess rewards (I can't keep them since I'm an Ambassador!) to one of the most deserving ladies. So fun!
  I'm ordinary. I debated and put-off becoming a Noonday Ambassador for years, literally. Then, once I did take the jump, I second-guessed myself immediately. But I was forgetting that it wasn't about me  or the impact I'm capable of making across the world. It's about just being faithful, showing up, and letting God use me in whatever way. Whether that ends up just being to tell those 10 ladies about how they can use their purchasing power to make an impact around the globe or maybe eventually help some adoptive families bring their baby home. 
  So anyways. I woke up yesterday full of nerves and second guesses. Today was different. I woke up hopeful and assured that, like Lara Casey says, I don't need to be a superhero to be used for God's great purposes. 
  What have you been second guessing lately? What do you feel a bit insecure about or unqualified to do? Do it anyways. God will fill in the gaps!

ps. If you couldn't make the show and still want to shop, you still can until the end of this week! And even more, please host a Trunk Show! Have a fun girl's night at your house (or local coffee shop!) and talk about social justice while styling your friends and picking out awesome Christmas gifts for some ladies on your list this year! If you're within a couple hours of the Indy area, we can make it happen. Just shoot me an email and I'll take care of all the details for you :)

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Allison said...

Congratulations on your launch. How exciting! I have a few pieces of jewelry from Noonday and I love them plus the idea behind it all is amazing. That's great you are an ambassador for them now.