Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Birthday. {wish list}

1// 2// 3 (with this upgrade!)// 4// 5//

  It's already August {um, excuse me what?} and that means it's my birthday month! I don't get particularly excited about my own birthday, but I love the chance to sit down and make myself a little wishlist. I don't shop much in general, so holidays and birthdays mean taking time to window shop and find new things to love and share with others! My mom asked me over the weekend if there was anything particular I've been wanting or needing and I couldn't think of a single thing! I figured it would be fun to sit down and make a little list.
  So, here's what I'm crushing on right now. Home decor, colorful stationary, candles...do I sound like I'm nearly 30? Ha! I'm also really wanting some new roll down yoga pants to replace my favorite ones that my dog ate {literally}- but I can't find any relaxed fit ones with a wide waistband. My last pair were like 6 years old from the AE outlet, so it seems like they're irreplaceable. Thanks, Murphy. Other than that though, my list is looking a little wimpy! What else should I add??

What are you loving right now? I want to know! I'm getting a super head start on my Christmas shopping too, so I'm taking any and all ideas!

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