Wednesday, August 19, 2015

You're invited!


  So after a few weeks of diving into my new adventure, I'm ready for my Noonday Collection launch party! I'm so excited to {hopefully} fill my living room with some of my favorite ladies and share with them why I'm joining the Noonday family and hopefully spread the excitement and encourage others to help create a marketplace for artisan businesses around the world and create dignified jobs in vulnerable communities! I want to share how we can all be a part of building a flourishing world where children are cherished, people have jobs, women are empowered and we are connected. 
 And mostly, I just want to hug anyone that comes and supports me. Because these sorts of things are scary, you know? My heart is to invite others into creating change and being a voice for the oppressed, but I'm worried it might just come off as 'buy this necklace! spend your money on these earrings!'. And that would be the worst. Yes, the jewelry and accessories are gorgeous. Even more, though, are the stories behind each piece. The women in Ethiopia who have been freed from sex trade and are creating new lives through making and selling the Addis bracelet. The women and men in India who are able to earn a fair wage and find a rare, safe working environment by hand making pieces like the Adrift necklace. The 1,621 adoptive families that have been celebrated and supported by Noonday Collection. You guys. Those are the takeaways I want people to have when they come to my launch party! And hopefully it sparks them to host their own trunk show! 
  But all that is to say, you're invited too! If you live near the Indy area, please come and get some snacks and let me hug you. If you don't, you're still invited to join online! Find out more about Noonday here- read the story, browse the collection, and listen to the artisans' amazing stories of hope and restoration! And, of course, let me know how you'd like to be involved by either making a purchase or hosting a Trunk Show to share with your friends and family {I'm certain if you don't live near me, there is another awesome ambassador in your city!}. 
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Carla Brady said...

Risner family reunion on Saturday so I can make it to your Launch Party.