Monday, August 10, 2015

22 weeks. {round two}

  We're officially past the halfway mark in this pregnancy and no more than 19 weeks away from meeting our little guy! And to be honest, I'm starting to think we will have a Christmas baby on our hands because it seems too perfect that he'd surprise us like Caleb and come a whole 3 weeks early. We'll see!
  I can officially say that this pregnancy is so different than Caleb's. They were identical up until 18ish weeks, when the nausea came back. It's still so minor and nothing I can really complain about. Add to that an EXTREME aversion to chicken {the only meat I typically eat!} and a huge craving for red meat {something I typically hate!} and I just am not myself. Oh, and I've been napping. I took a two hour nap after church yesterday and probably could have slept longer if the doorbell/Jersey barking hadn't woken me up. You guys, I'm telling you. This pregnancy is craziness. Who am I?? It's all more funny than anything and completely worth it for this little guy. Justin keeps joking that this baby is going to be a bit high maintenance and not nearly as easy going as Caleb since the pregnancy is so drastically different!
  My absolute favorite part about this point with baby boy is feeling him move. He's so active during the day and I can feel him move so often now. Justin can feel him on the outside every once in a while, but his movements are still so gentle. That's sure to change soon. 
  We're starting to think of his nursery and make plans in our heads. Since we'll be making our guest room into the new nursery, we're sort of putting it off for a few more months in case we have any out of town visitors. It will be sad to lose that space and not be able to host overnight guests anymore, but we're excited to fill this house to the brim with our little family. When we moved in 4 years ago, so many rooms sat empty and without any purpose. That is not the case anymore! Every room in our house is full of life and purpose and evidence of God's goodness to us over the last few years.


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Katie @ My Darling Days said...

You are so adorable; yay for being over half way!! Can't wait til you do the nursery... Caleb's is SO cute, so I'm excited to see what you drum up for this one :)