Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A day at the fair.

  Growing up in rural Indiana, 4-H fairs were a staple of my summers growing up. My township is the last in the state to keep having its own and we even won actual money for our projects when I was growing up {I'm sure they've phased out that part}. For 11 straight years, I took part in our county fair {if you count mini 4-H, which I totally do} and had a project go to the State Fair every single year. 
  So you could say I'm a fan of the the State Fair. Which makes it even more shocking that I haven't been since high school and that my husband had never been to any 4-H fair until this summer. I know, I'm embarrassed, too. 
  But anyways, we crossed that off our bucket list this summer. After an uneventful trip to our suburban county's fair {hint: suburban counties don't do 4-H like farm communities do...}, we had to redeem ourselves by a trip to the State Fair! We spent this past Saturday people watching and animal petting and good food eating. And it was wonderful. Justin may disagree {you can take the boy out of Jersey...}, but Caleb loved it too. I couldn't capture any non-blurry shots of his extremely happy face as he pet the animals, but it was awesome. So I'm counting it a success! 

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Stormy said...

Looks like you had such fun! :) I love fairs!