Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I love my home. {natural light}

  One of the very first things I noticed when we looked at our home with the realtor was the natural light. If you stand in the center of the house, at any time of day, you will be able to see sunlight pouring in from one direction or another. It is wonderful! And makes our space seem more roomy and airy than it really is. Benefit of small house? No true interior rooms and lots of natural light all day long!

  I wouldn't really say I'm a skylight or high window fan, neccsisarily. But this house may have changed that for me. We never have any lights on around the house unless it's nighttime and all the pretty light we get makes for the best photos. All those bright monthly shots of Caleb? I never edit a single one. Well, honestly, I never edit any of my photos because I'm lazy. But thanks to all the natural light we get throughout our house, I never need to!

Its the narrows row of windows above our front door and down the hall, above the guest bath shower that pour in the most light. 

  And that big, awkward half circle window in our dining room- so so much light comes through! At the top of the stairs leading to the bonus room there is a cute round window {with crooked panes inside that drive me bananas} and it pours light down the dark stairway and into our entry. 

  The bay window in our kitchen lets in all the golden evening light and the big wall-to-wall windows in Caleb's tiny room make for the most glorious morning sunlight to wake up to {especially for a kid who is up with the sun most days anyway!}.
  As we get closer and closer to having another little person in this house and make plans to get rid of our guest room in lieu of another nursery, it gets easier to list the growing pains and frustrations with this little house. But the more I dive into making a list and taking inventory of all the things I love about our home- the more I really do love it. What's one of your favorite things about your home? Natural light? Lots of storage? I'd love to hear! 

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