Thursday, July 16, 2015

A quilt.


At least twice a week, I get asked about Caleb's baby blanket. So here you go!

{see more shots of the quilt in all of Caleb's monthly updates!}
  I love cooking for people, giving gifts, and- I've learned- sewing. Let's start by making it really clear that I am so not good at sewing. My mom gave me my machine the first Christmas I was married and signed me up for a 1 hour Joann's class learning how to sew a pillowcase. Other than that, I just wing it and learn as a I. And rip a lotttttt of seems out. But I love it. I love sewing special things for people I love, especially my kiddos!
  After following a really simple pattern for my first two quilts {both for babies}, I knew I wanted to try something a little different for Caleb. And then I saw this photo floating around on Pinterest. I had to recreate it! While still an extremely simple pattern {probably easier than the other's I've made!}, I just love how it looks. I spent a few months collecting fabric, after choosing my color combo. I think from start to finish, this quilt took me maybe 2 afternoons? It was really so simple. About a week before Caleb was born, I started trying to sew his name on {we kept it a secret until his birth and I didn't want anyone stumbling on his blanket before he came!} and it looked HIDEOUS. Evidently I really don't know how to appliqué. And then he came early! So my sweet mom took the quilt and appliquéd his name for me. {thanks mom!} But other than that, easiest quilt ever. And so cute. Someone asked me the other day if I'm worried about the large white center getting stained. I'm not! Caleb used to spit up all the freaking time, and in all colors of the rainbow once he started eating real foods. But if he stains it, I just blot some bleach on. Of course I don't want the quilt to be ruined, but I don't want to pack it away never to be used. So instead, we use it all the time! A little wear and tear just adds character, right?
  So, after a full year of being really loved {going on plane/car/stroller trips, keeping Caleb warm at night, catching lots of spit up and goldfish crumbs, and being washed regularly) it has held up perfectly! Still bright white!
  I loved the pattern enough that I recreated it in fun colors for my new niece and will probably be recycling it again for other baby gifts {spoiler alert to all my expecting friends!}. But I'm on the hunt for a new fun pattern for baby number two, and can't wait to start once we find out the gender {8 days!!!!}

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